Thursday, May 31, 2012

Convos With the Kiddos-- Shaylee loves love.

 Here is the conversation Shaylee and I had in the car last night, driving to dance class, well mostly it was just her telling me stuff, I just listened.

Shaylee:  "I don't understand why some kids are all like "eeeww" when they see people kiss.  I think its great, its LOVE and I love, LOVE.   I mean  kids should be happy when people love each other, its kinda what made them.  Your parents start dating, then they kiss, then they fall in love, then the get married, then they do.... THAT, then they have a baby, then that baby is you, you know?"

Me:  "They do THAT???!!"

Shaylee:  (Laughs)

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