Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Thrifting

It's no secret that Saver's, a thrift store benefiting Big Brothers and Big Sisters, is pretty much my favorite place to shop.  On random days throughout the year, usually holidays or around holidays, they have a big 50% off clothing, housewares, and accessories sale.  Memorial day is my favorite, because it is the perfect time to stock up on summertime goodies.   This year I spent a meager $35 bucks and some change and got all of this:

1. Beautiful high waisted full-swing style skirt by Odille.  This brand is usually sold at Anthropologie for anywhere from $68 to $120 or  more... but I got it second hand for a measly 5 bucks, it looks brand new, there is one spot where the hem needs mending but that is an easy peasy fix.

2. Adorable little sundress by Love 21 (forever 21's line for more mature ladies, like not teenagers)  this dress probably cost about $25 or so brand new. I paid $5.  Its super cute and soft, and is going to be one of my favorite things to wear this summer. I love the rope detail.

3. For only $3.50 I got this fun lime green and white number.  I love its sweetheart neck, and full skirt, it has a longer length and falls below my knee.  It has a total pin-up vibe which I love. Oh, and it was insanely cheap.

4.  Next, I got this old red dress.  I am guessing its from the 80's, judging by the huge shoulder pads that I will be cutting out.  This dress is kind of ugly, but it has a lot of potential and it was only 2 bucks.   I love the quirky label "KC Petites."  This will be a fall/winter dress since it is made of heavy fabric, and I am very lacking in  colder weather dresses.  I have plans to give this dress a face lift and a new fabulous life.

5.  I also got this cute little vintage top. I am not sue what decade its from, but I can tell its pretty old.  Love the label, "You Babes." I took this home for $1.50

6. Work Out Top, it still had tags on it.. originally $7... I paid $1.50. The front is plain and the back has a floral design.

7.  My husband might be one of the few guys out there that really enjoys wearing a tie.  Whenever I am out thrifting I am on the look out for a cool tie. Today I found two, one is vintage and I love its pink and gray color scheme.  The other one is fun too.  They were each $1.50

8.  While I was in the accessory area looking at ties, I also found myself a belt, its real leather and it was only a single buck.

9. Can't forget the kids.  The girl's clothes were kind of picked over by the time I got there, but I did manage to find this lovely little Old Navy top for Shay.  $2.00

10.   I found a couple cute T-shirts for my little man, Will.   I only have one pictured, its from Gap Kids by the way.  The other one has a monster truck on it, he is currently obsessed with monster trucks so he quickly demanded to wear it to the pool with his Monster Jam swim trunks, so I don't have a picture.  Each shirt was only  $1.00

 11.  Lastly, I found some super cool vintage fabric.  I can't say for sure that they are real vintage, but judging by the color, texture, and cedar chest smell.. I am guessing that it is.  It's very heavy and will make the perfect curtains for my bedroom.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  There is a ton of yardage, more than enough to dress both of my boudoir windows.  All that fabric for only $2.50

I also found a little scrap fabric for making bows!  It was only $1 and I can make at least 8 adorable bows out of it!

 So there you go, my Memorial Day haul!!

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