Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Restaurant Review: Thomas Restaurant

My husband and I don't get out on dates too often.  If we get out minus our offspring once a month we're doing pretty good.   When we do get the chance to get out we like to try out different locally owned restaurants in Kansas City.  Our city has some pretty amazing food.  Picking a place you've never been before is a bit of a gamble.. I hate going to a place and thinking dang, should have just went to the usual spot--but its such a fun experience when I discover a new gem of an eatery.  I thought it would be fun to share with you my thoughts and such of the places we go... whether I love it or hate it..I've always wanted to be a restaurant critic!

On Saturday my hubby and I enjoyed dinner at Thomas Restaurant Thomas Restaurant located at  1815 W 39th St, Kansas City, MO.   The atmosphere was warm and quaint with shiny wood floors, white table cloths, exposed brick, romantic lighting,  and large oil paintings smartly placed on the walls.  You could easily go dressed casually or dressed to the nines and feel appropriate at Thomas.

One of the best parts of the restaurant was the live music.  A chill piano player played and sang pop songs.  The waitress handed us a booklet of his repertoire of songs you could request.  There were  100s of songs, including "Baby got Back" by Sir Mix Alot, "Regulators" by Warren G, and "Tick Tock" by Kesha.  The musician translated these harsh rap and pop songs to something subdued more along the lines of Frank Sinatra... it was hilarious as well as audibly pleasing.   His song list also included more traditional piano songs for you conservatives out there.

Now lets talk about the food!!  The food was divine!!!

               I ordered the Buttermilk Chicken (bottom of picture.)  It was absolutely delicious. The menu describes it as this: marinated pan seared chicken topped with cider cream, granny smith apples, toasted pecans served with whipped potatoes and seasonal vegetables.  The Chicken had the perfect combination of sweet and savory, it was like eating a piece of chicken with a little bit of apple pie at the same time, rich and decadent.  The veggies were fresh, steamed and season to perfection.  The potatoes were smooth, light and creamy.  All in all the plate of food was one of the best tasting dinners I've ever enjoyed.

My husband ordered two small plates.  The first was the Pork Shank (top of picture,)  bone in pork shank that is lightly fried and topped with a raspberry reduction and a dollop of goat cheese, served atop a bed of spinach.  The pork was perfectly cooked, it literally fell straight off the bone.  The goat cheese and raspberry reduction blended into a whirlwind of flavors that worked together beautifully.   He also ordered  the Oyster Mushroom Bruschetta--described as local, organic oyster mushrooms from central Missouri, sauteed with garlic and smoked bacon then toasted with parmesan cheese and topped with fresh cut tomatoes, basil, garlic and herb oil. Unfortunately, the restaurant  was out of oysters but they did a fabulous job pulling together a twist on the dish using portobello mushrooms instead.  The tomatoes used were some of the most red and most juicy I've ever seen, and again the taste was outstanding.

We didn't order any drinks except water but Thomas has a full bar and wine list.  Martinis were a fair $8.00 and a glass of wine started at $7.00.    The price range of the menu was fair and not overly priced. Our total bill was just under $40, we dined like kings and were thoroughly entertained, money well spent!

So, if you are looking for a different place to dine this week, go check out Thomas on 39th street, you will not be disappointed.  I give this eatery my highest rating  <3 <3 <3 <3

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