Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday #3 "Jress"

I got this little "Jress" (jeans + dress) from one of my favorite online stores, Le Bomb Shop.  Its one of my favorite things to wear.  It's light weight, easy, comfy and super cute.  I pair it with leggings, because I hate having to worry about not showing my booty if I need to bend over!  Short dress + Leggings = My lazy every day outfit.  This combo is just as comfy as sweats but everyone else thinks you look put together! 

The fun aqua blue sunglasses I got from The Clothes Mentor, ( a super cute re-sale shop) and I love them. Big sunnies make it possible to go without makeup and no one finding out!  I wore a yellow hair flower that I made myself, you can purchase one of your own here from my etsy shop, Mavyn Made.  The necklace is two birds purchased on a twig and its all yellow, I got it years ago during one of those amazing 10 thing for 5 bucks sales that Claire's used to do. 

Oh, and I wore my strappy red go-to sandal/wedges... I wear them with everything, they are falling apart... I like pairing yellow and red it reminds me of ketchup and mustard, which reminds me of hot dogs, which reminds me of SUMMERTIME!!!

And PS.. My Hair was fabulous that day because it was the day after taking the Pin Up 101 class at Vixen Pin-up Photography. The Hair was "did" by the always amazing Nikki Moreno-Whipple and I was very careful when I slept not to mess it up  so I could get 2 days out of its cuteness.

This is a better picture.................................................But this one has my feet in it!

Budget Break Down
Hair Flower---Free for me
Sun glasses--- $5.00 from Clothes Mentor
Necklace--  Claire's  $0.50
Leggings--  Charlotte Russe $5.00
Dress--- Le Bomb Shop, purchased during after Christmas sale for $26.00
Shoes--  Target bought way back in 2007 for $12

Total outfit =  $48.50  Not too Shabby!!!

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