Friday, May 11, 2012

Cupcake Cover-girl

This is taken from Cupcake Quarterly Magazine's note on Face Book:

Growing up, I (and most girls) was influenced by the media’s pressure on women to look and behave a certain way. It is a constant struggle for many women not to allow socially generated unrealistic expectations to carve some sort of void in the way we perceive ourselves.

But then what does a girl look to as an inspiration for femininity, without a blow to her self-worth and confidence? Who is her role model for beauty and strength of character, so she does not have to shun beauty completely? The answer for me, and many others, is the Pinup Girl.

Pinups come in all sizes and shapes, shades of skin, and character types. Pinups are sweet and sexy, yet still avoid the call for overtly sexualized images. A Pinup Girl is always in control, and she has the power over her femininity, instead of society telling her how to be.

Pinup girls also evoke a time in history that was better. Sure, the war was going on, and most likely there were just as many problems in the world for those who lived back then, but in our perception now, things were better. It was a time of values and family and thoughts of warm apple pie on the windowsill. During the war, soldiers would look at Pinup pictures and immediately have a reason to carry on. These were the beauties that were waiting for them back home. This is what was worth fighting for.

We’re still fighting for Pinups, and they are still giving us a reason to carry on. We want those values. We want to bring back real femininity. We want real women to be real women.

I love all things Pinup – it is a form of art that is part of our history, with cultural and iconic imagery that is sexy AND socially conscious, empowering women and still enticing to men. These are the gorgeous girls that men long for and the incredible beauties that women actually can be. All women are amazing - sometimes it just takes a bit of confidence and a camera to capture it. That is why the pinup has been an art that has endured for so long.

So I want to bring this art form to you, with Cupcake Quarterly. Our magazine is classic and nostalgic, with a nod of appreciation to the fashion, makeup and cute, campy attitude that makes Pinup Girls so lovable. We want to take that feeling and bring it into today’s woman, without losing that perfect aesthetic, and with your help and support, we can.

The first issue comes out this July. Please support our KickStarter, so that we can put out our Special Edition and many more issues to come!

Love and kisses, Elisa Jaeger, Editor in Chief
Cupcake Quarterly Magazine

I Love everything this woman wrote.. this is exactly how I feel about Pinup!   I have the chance to be on the cover of this amazing magazine.. you just need to "like" me   click on this LINK  and click "Like."  It's that easy! 

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