Saturday, June 2, 2012

Five things that made this week Fabulous-- Wedding Edition

Last Saturday night I had the extreme honor of attending the wedding ceremony of my dear friends Joey and Adam.  The wedding was probably the most over the top, fabulous, beautiful, entertaining, exceptional events I have ever been to.  So here are just 5 things that made this wedding fabulous.. there were probably a million but I will trim it down to 5.

1.   Two people who are truly in love committing their lives to each other is ALWAYS a beautiful thing.. always.. always

2.  The wedding reception was held in their back yard, but it was transformed to a beautiful, swanky, Miami-style club.

3.  A surprise drag performance from "Beyonce"

4.  Details, Details, Details...  mustache glasses, candy "bar", fingerprint tree... every little detail was thought of and done fabulously.

5.  Getting the party shut down by the cops---good looking , friendly cops with a good sense of humor-- they even signed the "guest tree"

All in all, this was one of the funnest nights ever. Thank you to Adam and Joey for being such amazing hosts, and congratulations!  I know they will have a beautiful life together, they are both wonderful, generous, talented, and gracious men.  I am blessed to know them!
*Some of the photos in this collage are courtesy of Joey's facebook page*

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  1. How neat. I love it when hosts take the time to really plan an event. It's inspiring to me and I hope one day to be that thoughtful when planning a party!