Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday: Yertle the Turtle Dress

Yertle The Turtle is one of my most favorite stories written by Dr. Seuss.  So many life lessons can be found in this little story about the "turtle king." Lessons like, being content with what you have and controlling the need to want more and more and more and more;  or like being careful about an aggressive, self-proclaimed leader taking advantage and bullying you to let them "climb up your back."  Dr. Seuss knew what he was doing friends, he was a wise man.    I really do love this book, so when I found this amazing  turtle print vintage late 60s/ early 70s era dress at one of my favorite stores, Donna's Dress Shop, I had to have it!   I am a sucker for any quirky print, but these little turtles really spoke to me! 

I chose to wear some black leggings instead of tights with this dress, let's face it the dress is pretty short and I am not a huge fan of having to be overly cautious of how I can bend over if need be. 

Look at this print!!!! The best part is that is woven into the fabric!

Tall boots with a short dress, is always an easy pairing during  the colder months of the year.

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