Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thankful It's the Weekend ( AND I GOT TO GO TO A BUTCH WALKER SHOW)

The most amazing part of this week is by far the night I had last night.  So I am devoting this entire post to it.  I got to see my favorite musician of all time perform in a tiny venue that has a max occupancy of 240!  Butch Walker is his name, and I have loved him since I first saw him perform with his (then) band, The Marvelous Three, in 1999.  He doesn't tour much anymore since he has become a big time producer and spends a lot of his time making music for other artists (Weazer and Katy Perry just to name a couple) He even won a grammy for his production work in 2005. So this was a very special treat. Butch still stays true to his singer-songwriter, small venue touring roots.

Just having a date night with my husband was awesome, but to share the experience of seeing a musician  we both love perform was even better.  I had seen Butch perform a handful of times in 1999 and 2000, but its been 13 years since the last show I caught. 
Butch and I  October, 2000

 Geoff had never seen Butch in his performance glory, so I was excited for him to experience his "live" amazing-ness for the first time. 

Butch chose an amazing singer-songwriter named, Marc Scibilia, to open for him.  Marc was amazing, he was pretty easy on the eyes, and his voice was shear soul.  The lyrics to his music are the kind of words that resonate in your spirit and make you smile.  I had the chance to meet Marc after the show, and he was just as sweet and personable as he was talented.  Look him up and buy his music! 

When Butch came on stage and started singing, "Cigarette Lighter Love Song,"  a cappella,  I could have cried from the shear joy and emotion he brought.   I can't tell you enough how much I love his music. Truth is every Butch Walker fan LOVES him, there is no  half-sy liking this man, you if you know him.. you LOVE him,  and adore him. 

The show was just all around amazing, the most unexpected part was when Butch returned for his encore song and jumped off the stage into the middle of the crowd.  He told us to all kneel down and when he counted to 10 jump up all together.  As the music's intensity rose and Butch counted... we all jumped up at 10 and then all of the sudden the ceiling was snowing confetti on us!  This man knows how to deliver entertainment. 
pssst.. can you spot me in this pic?  I'm wearing a red dress!!

Most of you reading this blog have probably never heard of Butch Walker before, but let me tell you--you are missing out!  Look him up on itunes or youtube or whatever, and then enjoy! 

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