Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday: Avoiding the Frump in the Fall

I am absolutely loving Fall.  The brisk temps are perfect for layering and sipping on a pumpkin spiced coffee.  When it gets chilly out its easy to want to frump.  I admit there are days when I just want to wear my yoga pants and a hoody and lounge in the house.  However, you can easily take your style up about 10 notches without having to forego too much comfort.   On days when you are out and about try to  leave the yoga pants and sweatshirts at home.  This look is the perfect style-upgraded answer.

The jacket  (from Retro Vixen) is actually made out of sweat-shirt type fleece and it is so warm and comfy!  Pair it with some super comfy stretchy jeggings... this pair I picked up at the Gap a few years ago and they are still my most comfy pair of  non-athletic pants.  Super comfy, but not super frumpy--this is going to be an outfit I wear many many many times!!!

My favorite part of the jacket is it's over sized hood!
Extreme close up on my shoes!  I actually won this amazing boots from B.A.I.T. footwear in an insta-gram  give away drawing!  I love them!


  1. Where'd you get that jacket? It's super cute. I really like the hood, I wasn't expecting that from the first picture. I also love the print, I think houndstooth just screams autumn.

    Hellcat Vintage

    1. Oops, haha I usually include that in my post... I got the jacket at the little boutique that I work at part time called Retro Vixen, I think there is only one left in stock, but the owner could possibly order more. She will take orders over the phone and payment through paypal though... so it might be worth your while to call the shop or message her on facebook. Here is a link to the store's facebook pate