Sunday, October 20, 2013

Thankful it {was} the Weekend

This past week was amazing!  So many great things.. small things and big things!  It is after Sunday (just passed midnight) but I couldn't let this week's post slip by.. so here is my list :) 

1.  Monday I got to hang out with some of my favorite boys... Joey and Adam of Daicy// Figueiredo  they took some product shots of me for Dollface Betties.  I really appreciate their help and the photos turned out great.

2. Joey and Adam hosted a big launch party for their brand and company... it was very chic and very fab, the venue the music, the food, the drinks, and the guests were all so swanky!  I was so happy I got the opportunity to go... they are going places... go check them out!

3.  This Friday was 3rd Friday and the store I work at had a little costume themed shopping party, after I hit up my favorite dive bar with some friends, Kem, Adam, Jackie, and Kelsey... it was a super fun night!

4. Ooh I almost forgot that I didn't mention this last week... Last Saturday the film, "House of Forbidden Secrets" that I was an extra in made its Kansas City premiere at a local drive in, I got to watch it with my husband and best friends, and I was surprised at how many times my face was actually on the big screen!  So fun!

5.  My kids had parent teacher conferences this week, and both are doing excellent in school and making stellar grades!  Proud Momma right here!

6. My husband got to pose for a fun "Man-up" calendar (dudes doing funny pin-up style poses) that my friend Hilary at Foxy Pin-ups is putting together to raise money for breast cancer survivors/battlers to get pin-up makeovers and VIP treatment.  I can't wait to see and share the photos with you.

7.  We had our family photos taken for the first time in a few years.  My friend Jamie is a pretty stellar photographer and I was so happy she took them for us.  (I have a BUNCH of photographer friends hahaha)

8.  This Saturday my cousin Abby got married, and it was a beautiful wedding, and I really enjoyed spending time with my big extended family!

Woooo  I had a busy week, a busy wonderful week!  I hope you did too!

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