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Mavyn Moms & Pin-up Pals: June Storm

Dana Brushette Photography MUA Bella Mitchell Hair by Joy A Klapko

1.  Tell me a little about your children (names/ages/fun facts) 

 I am a mother of six children. Four being my own and two my husband's. My oldest daughter Kaylee is 13, Christian 9, Alyssa 9, Liam 7, Shayna 7 and the youngest Abigayle is almost 5. All of my children are very different personality wise, which makes this household highly interesting and very active. The oldest is artistic and creative in all she does, loving music and drama arts. Being well outspoken and an in charge kind of gal, she is going to go places in life....I know it! The first boy Christian, is quiet and reserved but highly intelligent. He is especially outstanding in math (like his father) and really loves finding out how things go together, how they work and has a laugh that makes the room light up. My second daughter Alyssa is infatuated with horses, and anything equestrian really. She loves to read and write short stories, dance, listen to music and to make corny jokes that always bring a smile to your face. She is inquisitive and loves to explore. She would much rather read a book then play with Barbie's, which is fine by me. My other son Liam is high energy and very much into video games. He amazes me with his ability to watch a tutorial video on you tube, then grab the remote or a game, start playing and totally annihilate the game within minutes. He is an explorer and great with grammar. He is also a big momma's boy and enjoys his cuddles and hugs, which warms my heart.  Shayna is the clown and really enjoys being silly and rippin a toot or two to make the room swell with laughter. She is sweet and affectionate and loves to play dress up and dance. She is the type of kid who aims to please and impress with whatever she does, and this is a quality I hope she carries with her through life, as long as it's applied positively lol. And Little Abigayle, who is the loudest most out spoken child of them all. She has a heart of gold and is quite the character. She loves dresses and skirts and all things fru fru. She has an infectious laugh and even more infectious smile, and her hugs can melt your heart. She has the ability to make you laugh uncontrollably even when you are mad at her and she adores all animals (like her mommy). Each child is completely different then the other, but i love them all so very very much, and am honoured to be their mom.

Photo by Barb Weir Photography

2. How long have you been involved in the pin-up community/ taking pin-up photos?

 Becoming a part of the pin up world/community was not completely intentional, however I am so glad it happened. I always adored the classic pin ups growing up and as a child I loved old cars, pretty dresses and old movies, furniture etc. But never did I imagine that I would become a pin up or a role model for that matter. It all began with a boudoir shoot and a local photographer, who has become a great friend of mine through all of this, and some inspiration from the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe herself. I bought some clothing off of the PUG website and got my hair curled for the shoot, and it turned into a pin up style shoot. From there we booked a day to do strictly pin up. I bought a parasol and some more outfits and fell in love with the clothing, and the way I felt wearing it, and even better, I fell in love with the images that we captured. I saw myself in a completely different light. I embraced my curves instead of trying to hide them, and learned to move my body in front of a camera so that I didn't look so frumpy. The boost of self confidence and the ability tot transform into something completely different was amazing. I instantly fell in love with the make up, hair, clothing and all things associated with living a retro/vintage inspired lifestyle.
Photo by Tisha Johnson of Intrigue Photography

I soon was onto submitting to magazines and became a multi published model in many fantastic magazines within the first few months of the new romance. And best of all, I had the support of my man, who also loves the fact that I am a pin up. This really all started in October/November of 2011. I began a new project and focus in February of 2013, I decided to offer the world a cheesecake/traditional pin up magazine, and dove into the construction of Lush Kittens PinUp Magazine. I must admit, I have never been so scared in my life. With the first issue I sat at the keyboard with a completed issue, loaded up into the publisher, and I fought with myself to push the publish button.......for what seemed to be hours. I debated and then would re-assure, then debate some more. My husband finally just pushed my finger for me while it was hovering over the enter button. I was nervous and extremely hesitant. Since that day I have had so much love, support, positive feedback and an outpouring of kindness and assurance that I am making a positive impact on the community. I have met so many incredible people, made some really wicked new friends and have evolved into a strong willed and determined woman. I strive to improve with each issue and only hope that out of all of this, I am encouraging other women to be confident in themselves and to embrace their own beauty. That is my main goal!

3. How has being a pin-up affected your parenting? 

Being a pin up parent, I have learned to prioritize differently and adapt to new things. I work in health care and devote myself to straight midnights, so that I may be at home with the kids for morning school routines, can be home with the youngest when she is not in school, I am home for sick days and I am home for supper and bath times and best of all tucking them into bed each night. I'm available for appointments and school events etc. Sure I get next to no sleep, but my kids are my main priority and they are the glue that holds me together. I devote my magazine time mostly to days that I am home and all children are in school, and my modeling is planned for weekends when there is no other plans and I am not working. I attend very few car shows, only because i choose not to promote my modeling too much, I try to focus more on the family and it's needs and the development of the magazine. I also have recently began refurbishing furniture as a side business. I thoroughly enjoy being crafty and creating something beautiful from something that lost it's lustre over the years. Being a Gemini, I am creative and artsy. I have a need to always be doing something and to switch things up periodically. It's a quality that can sometimes be an attribute but at the same time I think it drives my family crazy. 
June and her husband, Dave, on their wedding day
 Photo by Intrigue Photography  MUA Kristine Dunstin /Hair  by Wabi Sabi Hair 

My children really enjoy looking through all of my images, publications and always ask questions. I have taken my two eldest daughters to shoots before, so that they can see for themselves what all is involved. They see for themselves the transformation from chair to set, and can ask questions whenever they want.  Kaylee has decided that she would love to become a photographer from all of this and I truly hope she follows her dreams. My other daughter Alyssa has learned that crooked teeth or glasses don't make you ugly, and has become more confident with herself and less judgemental of others.....and I am awe struck by these changes in my children. I have taught them that each person is beautiful in their own way and EVERY woman deserves to feel attractive. We are all human and all have feelings and emotions which need to be addressed. Beauty is more then aesthetic, it is from deep within and when acknowledged is perceived in a positive manner.


  4. Tell me about the photos you chose to share... why are they your favorite?

The one {in the white dress} is one of my favorites because I look so enchanting and delicate in it, even though I am covered in tattoo's. I am learning that I am very adaptable in many areas of my work including my looks when modeling.
The image from my wedding displays the love and affection I have for the man of my dreams and partner for life. he shows me unconditional love and encourages me in all that I do. He is truly my number one fan!
{The bakery photo} was such an incredibly fun shoot and this is also where I was growing more as a model. When I look at images from the beginning of my career, I can see the growth and transformation up until now... its' really quite astonishing.
My most recent shoot was the 1920's inspired and I must say this has got to be one of my favorite pictures of myself.
 Photo by Tisha Johnson of Intrigue Photography

5. Do you have any words of wisdom to share with other pin-up moms out there, or maybe some ladies that are considering getting involved with pin-up?

Remember that our children see us differently then we see ourselves. Many of us pin up moms get into pin up because we have reached a point in our lives where we are not feeling so great about our appearance. Our self esteem is lower then it should be and so on and so forth. Just please always stay true to yourself. Do only what makes you feel good, not what someone else thinks would be best. Stay within your comfort zone, and keep it classy. We don't just become a part of the public eye but we also have little admirers at home, watching and learning by our own actions. When we do something, it should be done with poise and confidence and we are all human, which means we have good days and bad days, and take them as they come for what they are. When your children ask questions, answer as truthfully as possible and take the time to explain to them why being a pin up is a positive thing and what you gain from it, also what the gain from it essentially. When mommy feels good about herself, or when she is doing something positive for the community it is reflected back unto our home life. Always put your family first and foremost but make time for your own growth too. Being a pin up is many things. It's body acceptance, empowerment, encouragement, fun, inspirational, educational and so much more. Have fun with it and most importantly, just be you!
Dana Brushette Photography MUA Bella Mitchell Hair Lori Lynn

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