Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday: My Summer Wardrobe Wish List

Now that Memorial day has passed and school is out of session the start of Summer vacation has begun.  Whenever the seasons change I always feel like my wardrobe needs a few new key pieces, here are a few things I hope to acquire in my closet for the summer of 2013!

 First is a great graphic tee,  on hot days throwing on something light and loose always feels good, but you don't have to trade style for comfort, you can have both!  I love  this union jack tank from Forever 21, ever since I fell in love with the Spice Girls in the nineties the British flag has had a special place in my heart.

Graphic tee

Next, is a great tote bag.  This bag would be perfect for bringing your necessities to the pool or beach, or just using as an over sized purse.  I am a lover of a big purse, especially in the summer, I like to have room in my bag for a bottle of water and a pair of flip flops in case my shoes get too uncomfortable.
Sailor girl Tote Bag

An absolute must have for the summer months in a great looking maxi dress.  Such a versatile piece to any wardrobe, you can dress them way up for a nice evening out, or go casual and boho chic.  I love this one from JC Penney.  

Maxi Dress

I would also love a maxi skirt this summer.   A skirt like this could function so many ways-- swim suit cover up, or paired with that graphic tee,  I bet it could even be worn as a strapless dress if you add a belt... this would be a great piece to through in your suitcase when going on vacation.

Maxi Skirt

 What is on your Summer wardrobe wish list this year?

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