Monday, May 20, 2013

My first Pin Up Contest

This past weekend I competed in my first pin-up contest, a mini pageant of sorts, at the  Kansas City West Bottoms Car Show.  It was super fun! I love a good excuse to get dolled up in full vintage pin-up glamour, and  I got to spend the day with some of my favorite ladies. 

I believe we were judged on  hair/makeup, outfit, and personality--and I know that the winner was a real ham--- because it was ME---I still can't really believe it.. I have never been the girl that wins things (especially not things like prom queen and pageants) I love to entertain people though and my inner-actress is probably what won it for me.

In the first round we had to just walk across the stage and "show our personality without words," they told us.  So I smiled, winked, and gave my best poses as the MC introduced me.

I wore a lovely strapless full skirted fifties style dress that I happened to find at my local Major Thrift store for only $5.  I chose this dress because:
 #1--I was certain no one else would be wearing the same one.
#2-- As we  were announced the MC read what we had said was a "unique thing" about us... mine was "that I loved to thrift shop, give me $20 and a thrift store and I will come back with a fabulous outfit and probably money left over"

I do regret not wearing higher heels, they told us we'd be walking in gravel so I went with a safe mid heel, but there wasn't really that much gravel and the "stage" was wooden so my higher heels would have been fine.

 That was round 1, after that they cut the group down to 6 girls, and we were each interviewed and asked 3 questions.  They told us ahead of time what they would be so I made sure I was well prepared and maybe even a little rehearsed.  The questions were all simple what and why style questions but I knew that in this sort of thing the "why" part is really more important than the "what,"  the "why" is where you engage the audience and show them who you are.

The first question was-- What is your favorite vintage/classic style car?  

I wanted to sound like I knew something about cars (since this contest was at a car show) so  this I said:   "Ooh that is a really tough question because there are so many gorgeous vehicles to choose from... I really like the 57 t-birds with their adorable port-hole windows, and I've always loved the beachy feel of the 1940s Pontiac wood sides, but if I had to choose my absolute favorite I would pick the 1950 Chevy, because it was my grandpa's first car and I just love listening to his stories of all his adventures in that car!
The second question was:  What vixen from the past would you want to switch lives with for a day? 
My answer was miss Lucile Ball because I really value humor and I love making people laugh. Lucy had such a knack for bringing laughter and joy to so many people. Not only was Lucy hilarious she was also stunningly beautiful, she was such a great lady.. no wonder she is still loved so much today!
The last question was: What is your favorite "oldie" song or artist/band?   I said the song "Who wrote the book of Love" because when I was 6 or 7 I made up a little duet style dance to this song and had my grandma dance it with me... it involved a hip bump and when she would hip bump me I would go flying across the floor laughing hysterically.... every time I hear that song it brings me back to that day and still  makes me laugh. :)
After the interviews the girls were cut down from 6 to 3, and the top 3 had to do a quick costume change and be back to stage in 10 minutes... we were told to change into our "favorite pin-up dress"
I chose my new Hell Bunny "Cannes 50's dress" that I bought from the shop I work at, Retro Vixen.
Once on stage, we were each asked, "why this was our favorite?"
I said first because it matches my new tattoo, and second because I bought it at the boutique that I work at, Retro Vixen.  Retro Vixen is a small locally owned boutique and I really feel strongly about shopping local and supporting small business!
Shortly after the last questions they announced our places!  My very good friend Miss Katty Delux author of Chronicles of a Sweet Tooth got second place--- I was glad I got to spend the whole day and experience with her!  I still can't believe I actually won-- and I received some great prizes too-- a trophy a lovely bouquet of flowers and a hand made steel boned corset from Monkey Wrench Clothing (valued at $175)
After the contest was over, we were whisked away for photo ops all over the car show.. here is one of my favorites--
photo credit to J.Michael Strange Photography

All in all, the First Annual Westbottoms Car Show and Pin up girl contest was so much fun to be a part of.  I am already looking forward to the event in 2014, I would love to return to the pin up contest and maybe Emcee or judge this time around..we will see.


  1. Congrats to you and Katty!

    1. Thanks Terri! Good to have you back in the blog world again, you've been missed! :)