Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday: Change your Clothes, Without Changing your Clothes

Today for Wardrobe Wednesday, I want to talk about accessories and styling.  Think larger than just jewelry, think cardigans, tights,shoes, and even hairstyles.  You can get a lot of use out of one key wardrobe item (like a dress or a favorite skirt) by styling it many different ways.   I have a tiny closet so I have to be very selective about what hangs in it,  when you buy a new piece for your wardrobe, try to think of at least three different ways you can wear it! 
These are examples of how I wore the same dress three different ways. Its amazing how different a dress can look by simply changing out a belt or switching up a cardigan.

*Thanks to Booker T Brown Photography for photo on the Left, and to Paper Moon Photography by Charlie Girl for the photo on the right.

Don't think that versatility can only be found in little black dresses,  I believe any dress can be versatile...its all in the styling.  These are just a few examples of different ways to wear each of these dresses, but I can still think of a few more ways to wear each, actually a lot more! 

Today, try pulling something from your closet and wearing it in a brand new way!  You will be surprised how much mileage you can  get from your clothes!


  1. I need to focus on this idea more. I tend to wear my outfits the same way everytime,which means if I want variety I spend more money on new items. This is going to be my new project! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Hellcat Vintage

    1. Oh yay! Thanks Deborah! Let me know how it goes!