Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday: Forever 21

Recently I re-discovered Forever 21.  I had forgotten how incredibly inexpensive their prices are! When I was was recently shopping with a friend, I freaked out when the price of an adorable cupcake necklace I was eyeing was only $1.50. I was also surprised by how many things I found that went well with my vintage/rockabilly aesthetic.  Some of their prices are lower than thrift store prices!  It is crazy!  Obviously their clothing isn't made to last for years and years... but honestly my taste in clothes doesn't last more than six months or so anyway... so that doesn't matter to me!

I was lucky enough to stop in to XXII when they were having an "additional 50%" off their lowest sale priced" sale.... which means I got some amazing stuff for as low if not lower than thrift store prices!!  Can I get a WOOT WOOT??

I paired this new black sweater (that was on sale for only $7.50)   from Forever 21, with a vintage red blouse and my favorite jeans.  An easy going outfit that was great to wear to a casual Sunday brunch, and some light thrift store "poppin tags" later.

I can think of a ton of different ways to wear this sweater, so it will be a great  piece to my wardrobe.  Nina Garcia, once said on Project Runway, that she doesn't buy any clothes that she can't wear at least three different ways.  I try to adhere to that rule, because my closet it so small I need to fill it with things that are super versatile!

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