Sunday, January 13, 2013

Product Love: Eyeshadow Base

Putting on makeup and fixing my hair are my favorite pastimes.  I really find painting my face relaxing and sculpting my hair into different vintage styles has become an outlet for my creative energy, and a fun way to express myself.  

I decided to start a new blog feature, "Product Love" to share with you all some of my favorite beauty products! The first one, is NYX Eyeshadow Base.   

This stuff is amazing!  I used to hate having to cake on layer after layer of eyeshadow to get it to show up as  the color pigment I desired on my eye-lid,  only to have it completely wiped off or faded in a couple of hours.   Then I discovered this eyeshadow base!  Put a thin layer of this on your eyelids before your eyeshadow and the color will pop, plus it will keep your shadow in place all day!  

This primer comes in three shades, white, pearl, and skin tone  for your darker shadows.   I haven't tried the dark primer yet, but the white seems to work well with all colors.  And the best part about this stuff is it is totally affordable,  one little pot will last and last and it costs less than $10.   You can get it from Ulta for $6.99 online and in stores.

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  1. NYX is a great brand, their shadow sticks area amazing! They have a white one, the color is "milk" that makes a great base as well!