Sunday, December 9, 2012

10 Things that Made (the past 2 weeks) Fabulous

1. I finally watched  Gone With the Wind start to finish.  I had never actually seen the movie, just clips here and there.  One of the cable channels was playing it so I recorded it on my DVR... all 5 hours of it!  I broke it up into two hour doses but I watched it. Such a good movie! Loved it!

2.  The beginning of December also meant the end of November... or "MOvember"  No Shave November-- mustache edition. My husband was taking part and he grew quite a 1970s style stache that even Burt Reynolds would admire... but it was getting old to me.. fast!!  So, December first, he shaved and I got my fresh-faced husband back! The stache in the pic below was taken fairly early in November, by the end it had grown into something huge and terrible. So glad it's gone!

3.  I decided to challenge myself to the 12 days of Christmas Challenge.... trying to increase the memorable holiday moments this Christmas season.

4.  I got an itch to change my hair, so I went to see my friend Shari, at Dizzy Dames salon and  changed it!  I got bangs and went darker.. but the blond wont stay away forever, it will be back for spring for sure.. but its fun to be a ginger for a while.

5.  Meeting Santa at Geoff's work was so fun! Click HERE to read more!

6.  I went to Roca Salon's holiday open house with my good friend, Miss Katty Delux, and got to see my other good friend Joey there.

7.  My family enjoyed a fun night at home with our Grinch Party-- click HERE to read more!

8.  The annual Breakfast with Santa pancake breakfast and silent auction  fundraiser was this Saturday at my daughter's school.  As a member of the Parent Teacher Organization board,  I worked a bunch in preparing for the event.  It was a success and such a wonderful time.. its something we look forward to every year.

9.  Saturday night was Geoff's work holiday dinner party.  I love any excuse to get dressed up, dinner and dancing is always a perfect excuse!

10.  I finally saw Breaking Dawn part II and I LOVED it, kind of sad the movies are over now.  It's been so long (almost 5 years now) since I read all of the Twilight Saga books, maybe I should read them again.  I still think Stephanie Meyer needs to write another series about the adventures and love between Renesme and Jacob.

Well that sums up what I've been up to for the past two weeks?  What are some high-lights from yours?

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