Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday; Black, White, and Fab All Over

Fall is HERE! It's official in both time and temperatures.  The leaves are changing and the air is crisp and cool.  My favorite thing to wear this time of year is a great pair of boots.  Every lady should own one great pair of boots; they can be worn with everything pants, jeans,  dresses, skirts maybe even a pair of shorts layered over tights... anyway they are a must have item ladies.  

 Another fall essential is a neutral colored turtle neck top. A great fitting turtle neck can be a foundation layer in so many different fall and winter looks.  They  can also transform a springy/summery dress into something totally suitable for colder temps.


I love wearing this outfit.  The black and white vintage dress was a lucky find at a friend's garage sale--lucky for me I have super stylish friends.  The turtle-neck is a Marshall's bargain, the tights are from Target and the belt and boots were thrifted.  Speaking about the boots;  they were the most ultimate thrift store fashion find in my history.  They are real leather, platform heels, and made by Nine West, there wasn't even a scuff on the souls, they looked brand new.... boots like these could easily retail for $200, I snagged them as Savers on a 50% off day, and took them home with me for a mere $8.50!  Thrift store finds like that don't happen every day, but if you're diligent and visit them often, eventually you will snag yourself an epic find too.
Budget Breakdown:
Turtle-Neck  $7.99 Marshall's
Dress  $5.00   Garage Sale
Belt $1.99  Thrift
Tights $5.00  Target
Boots $ 8.50  Savers
That's a grand total of  only $28.48!  The affordability of this ensemble is absolutely insane!  It is proof, that just because you lack funds, does not mean you have to lack fashion or style!


  1. Cute! I love your belt and it looks great matching the tights. I never think to wear turtlenecks, but I'm definitely getting one now! (:

    1. Thanks Sandra! Yes, get yourself a turtleneck.. I have one in almost every color!!

  2. gurllll those boots are a great find!

  3. Lookin' good! I love the splash of red!