Thursday, October 4, 2012

Convos with the Kiddos: Will's Art

Will, my 4-year-old,  has the potential to be an artist some day, or maybe a professional baseball player, or maybe a samurai ninja.. LOL.   Seriously though, the kid loves to be artistic.  Drawing on his Magnadoodle, or coloring with crayons and markers are some of his favorite things to do. 

A few days ago he rushed into my bedroom while I was putting away laundry, very excited and proud to show me his latest piece of "art."  

"OH, wow!" I said, in that "I-have-no-clue-what-this-is-but-let-me-act-excited" mommy kind of way. "Tell me about it," I said.

Will tells me an unexpected and thoughtful explanation for his art:
   "Those are foot prints of animals.  Animals with holes in their feet.  Because, we need to think about the poor animals with holes in their feet."

Indeed Will, we do!

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