Sunday, October 7, 2012

5 (or more) things that made (the past 2) Weeks Fabulous

1.  I had my annual eye-exam.  I actually love getting my eyes checked, my eye-doctor's office always has a big bowl of candy bars free for the munchin,  I find trying to read the tiny letters a fun kind of challenge... and a new exam usually means new glasses, and I love shopping for new glasses!  I haven't found the right pair yet, but its always fun to try different frames on.

2.  IHOP is now serving up my favorite flap jacks,  PUMPKIN PANCAKES!!!  They are so good, and you can get two of them along side two eggs and hash browns for only $4.99!  So, the fam and I had breakfast for dinner at our local IHOP last Friday, and were pleasantly surprised with an on going kids eat free at night policy!!   Will got the chocolate face pancake and almost didn't want to eat it, he just want to smile at it!

3. Last weekend the kids were treated by their grandma, to a trip to the Renaissance Festival, and they had a wonderful time.

4.  While the kiddos were out with their grandma, Geoff and I got to hang out with our friends, Melissa and Justin.   We had a yummy Sunday lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, and then went exploring some sweet thrift and antique shops down town.  We found lots of fun stuff and had a great time.
Melissa and I with some creepy vintage masks

5. Will went to the KC Pumpkin patch on a field trip with his pre-school.  I got to go along, after convincing him to let me!  The kids were so cute and had so much fun despite the freakishly cold for the beginning of October weather.   Another bonus, the KC Live crew was also there filming, and if you tune in this coming Friday, you might just catch a glimpse of Will and I!

6.  The football team Shaylee cheers for got to play at the Arrowhead Stadium (home of the KC Chiefs) youth field... basically the practice field.   Shaylee of course was there to cheer.  It was pretty special for her, and she did awesome.

7.  I had myself one of the most epic good hair days everrrrr!

Well, those were the high-lights of my past two weeks,  what has made your week fabulous?  Hopefully I will return to my 5 things, once a week routine next week.   I know I have some exciting things coming up this week!


  1. I like glasses number 3. and yeah you hair looked killer!

    1. I like the 3rd pair also, but my husband said they looked too hipster :(

  2. Your hair was awesome! You're beautiful (wolf whistle x 2)!

  3. Those glasses are ALL fab on you!! And all those kiddos at the pumpkin patch..adorable!