Thursday, September 6, 2012

Liebster!!! Part 1

A few weeks ago Terri from Rags Against The Machine,  nominated me for a Liebster  Blog award..being pretty new to the blogging world, I wasn't quite sure what it meant...but I definitely accept graciously and enjoy playing along! This will be part one of the Liebster post. Part 2 will come later!

To recap, here are the rules:
1. The new nominee must post 11 things about him/herself.
2. Answer the 11 questions from the person who gave you the award.
3. Choose 11 new nominees and link them in your post.***
4. Create 11 questions for the bloggers you've nominated.
5. Go and tell them that they've been nominated.
6. No tags back!

 11 Things About Me
1. I was 19 years old when I married my husband, Geoff... no shot gun involved, we were just young, dumb and in love... and we still are.. except maybe not so young...well kinda young.

2. Mostly,  my best and closest friends are either pin-ups or PTO moms

3. I am embarrassingly, extremely, phobically, scared of the dentist

4. At my non-pregnant heaviest I weighed 215lbs :( 

5.  When I was a little girl, I thought "peacock" was a cuss word, and I would get in trouble for using it.. because to me, it was the worst thing you could call someone

6. In middle school I wrote Lorne Michaels a letter telling him it would be a really good idea to let me host Saturday Night Live sometime... I never heard back from him.

7. In my heart, I am a performer... I would really like to be in a play again sometime.. but my fear of failure combined with my "how-will-this-work-with-my-schedule" mentality  keeps me from auditioning.

8. I have a crush on Ben Stiller

9. My kids are 4 and a half years apart from each other, but you would never know it by looking at them... my daughter is small for her age, and my son is big

10. I think my soul lives in the Rocky Mountains near Estes Park, CO

11.  I have a tendency to find "innuendo" in EVERYTHING... and I never let a "That's what she said" moment go unnoticed.

Answering Terri's Questions
1. If you could change just one thing about our world, what would it be?
That there would be hope for the hopeless. Hope for a better future can be a powerful driving force, and it gives a sense of peace, purpose, and goodness

2. What is your earliest memory?
  I recently remembered being very young, and laying on the floor in my grandma's living room, while my mom frantically was checking my body for something... I asked my mom about it and she remembered the incident... I had scratches all on my legs and she was convinced that I had been abused while spending the weekend at my dad's house (she later found out that was not the case..) The crazy thing is I was still in diapers... maybe 18 months old at the oldest.

3. What is your pet peeve? Plain old Thoughtlessness

4. What is a nickname you'd rather we didn't know? Juggs.. LOL

5. What famous person would you like to meet?
I would really love to meet Andy Cohen from Bravo tv... I am a super Bravo channel reality show junkie, and I have this fantasy of someday getting to sit in the Bravo Clubhouse along side Andy Cohen and talk Housewives, drama, and cocktails.

6. Who knows you best? My husband, Geoff

7. What will be the title of your memoir? 
"Confident, Overcoming and Worthy... The Devyn Lundy Story"  (if anyone reading this has gone though a Focus or Break Through program.. you'll probably get it a little more..)

8. What item of clothing would you NEVER wear?
 Jeans and athletic sneakers together.. athletic sneakers should only be worn when doing something athletic, and if one is being athletic they should not being wearing jeans.

9. What makes you cry?
The movie "PS I Love You"  and tons of other stuff

10. What's the top item on your bucket list?
Going on a hot-air-balloon ride

11. What time do you get up in the morning?
My alarm is set for 7:20am

***Would you like me to nominate you for a Liebster? Comment with your name and a link to your blog... I need 11!


  1. Devyn--thanks for being such a good sport about this! I've learned a lot about you--had no idea that you had ever weighed so much and I'd love to know what prompted the loss and how you did it.

    The story about "peacock" is hilarious. I couldn't keep darn it and damn it straight and got my mouth washed out for not knowing the difference.

    I can definitely see you as a performer, you have a really expressive face.

    I recently gave away my trainers in order to break that jeans and trainers habit.

    Had to smile at the nickname. Believe it or not, prior to nursing my babies, I got called the same thing.

    1. I gained a ton of weight when I was pregnant with my first child, then my life got crazy and my husband, newborn, and I moved to Michigan, I am pretty sure I had postpartum depression..anyway I became an emotional eater and my weight (and my husband's) ballooned out of control. When we moved back to KS, life got easier and better and after I had my second child, I started to eat healthy and excercise...being happy and some life style changes helped my husband I loose around 130lbs combined. No freak dieting.... I have maintained my weight loss for about 3 years now, and have no plans to ever go back. :)

  2. You can nominate me :) If you want to.

  3. I loved reading your interesting facts--"peacock" as a cussword, that's too cute! I love finding innuendos in sporting events. (I'm not a huge sports fan, so I crack myself up listening to the announcers when my husband watches.) You should go for a play audition too!!

    1. LOL... I had HGTV on in the living room while I was cleaning the kitchen, and kid you not I heard, "What, this is 12 inches, that's going to be a tight fit and for this project length is a big issue" LOL

  4. Totally agree with the jeans/athletic sneakers combination being absolutely terrible. Your facts are so quirky!

    1. I am a VERY quirky, person, its true :) LOL