Monday, September 24, 2012

5 Things that Made this Week Fabulous

Ugh, I am still running behind on my blogging schedule.  My fall schedule is kicking my butt and I haven't found the groove of the new school year's routine yet, by the time I find it.. most like Christmas will be here and then winter break and then I will be out of the groove all over again. Oh well, better late than never I guess!

1. Tuesday was Rolling Ridge Elementary's  Watch DOGS (Dad's of Great Students) kick off event.  I am on the PTO (parent teacher organization)  board and it was my duty to line up the entertainment.  I booked Reggie Regg the Magic Man, and he knocked it out of the park!!!  The show was educational, inspirational, and extremely enjoyable to watch.  The kids loved it, and even better the principal loved it.. she even wants to book him again for a during school assembly!   If you ever need fun entertainment for an event, I highly recommend Reggie!

2. I  finally made some recipes that I pinned on pinterest weeks ago--  Sweet Potato/ Quinoa  vegan chili, and cake mix corn bread.  Delish!!  Even the kids loved them... I altered the chilly recipe a bit by adding a few tablespoons of brown sugar ( I like my chili sweet.)

3. Geoff took a day off during the week, and we had ourselves a date day.  We had lunch at Spin pizza, and did a little shopping.  It was a good day.

4.  My good friends, Jennifer, and Amy and I went to Clothes Mentor's girls' night out event.  Amy and Jennifer were hoping to win the coach bag raffle, and although none of us were lucky winners, we had a great time.  There was free wine and delicious sushi to munch on, and some great bargains to pursue... I got a lovely sweater, and two gorgeous pair of shoes, all for about

5. Fall is here!  Saturday's high temp in the 60's meant I got to wear my cold weather uniform, a tee shirt, a cardigan, a scarf, a hat, jeans and boots!  Love me some BOOTS.

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