Sunday, September 16, 2012

5 things that made (The Past 2) weeks Fabulous

 Now that school is back in session full force, along with all of the kids' extra activities, Geoff's many projects and clubs he leads at his work, my job and PTO (parent teacher organization) duties, I have found it very difficult to keep up with my blogging schedule.  So this week's 5 things, is actually this and last week's 5 things!

1.  The annual Johnson County Old Settler's Parade.  This has become a yearly tradition for our family. Shaylee has been marching in the parade with her cheer leading squad since she was in first grade, and Will  always enjoys catching the candy that is thrown from the floats.

2.  Shaylee's cheer season started, and it's always fun to watch her do her thing, she really has the spirit thing down!
3.  The kids and I got to join Daddy (and his co-workers) for some happy hour fun at a local bar and grill.  Geoff taught the kids to play pool, and I had a cherry coke for big people *wink, wink*
4.  Dinner and drinks with some of my favorite ladies at my favorite restaurant!
5.  I got to have an evening with  my best pal, Sandra...we always have an adventure when we're together:)

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