Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Take Me Back Tuesday: Slumber Party Style

I was at a loss for ideas of what to blog about today.  So I went down to my basement and opened up my old foot locker full of memories and started going through pictures.  I found a few good bits for blog posts.   The best thing I found was a whole one hour photo envelope full of pictures that my friends and I took of each other from my birthday party in 8th grade-- I guess that means I was 14.  Oh wow I was a dorky 14 year old!

The number one activity at any decent slumber party for me was always make-overs.  These pictures are our "after" shots.  My friends and I styled each other using pieces from my personal wardrobe,  clothes and accessories, and from what they brought in their sleep-over bags.  You'll see that my style and look has greatly improved over the years!  

Oh Yeah!  That's me at 14! I believe that was my natural hair color, I guess I have more natural red tones in my hair than I thought.  Notice my sweet hunter green ribbed tunic, paired with a crochet vest, and finished with a lovely castle pendant!   The girls curled my hair, I usually wore it straight and slightly curled under at the ends.

Next is Susan.  She is very color-coordinated, a must for any 90s teen.  She again is rockin a a ribbed top with a crochet vest.  Notice how well her heart earrings match her striped  faux-turtle-neck.

Heather was by far the most successful look. She looked so cute in my burgundy blazer, that matched her ribbed blouse perfectly.  She looked so cool, so "fly girl!'   I remember that she borrowed the blazer and wore it to school and got a lot of positive feedback.

Group Photo! Check out our sweet posing skills!

My friend Nina, was also at the party.  She was wearing my favorite dress, a sweet hunter green flannel baby doll, it was very "My So Called Life!"  She pretended to be asleep to get out of being subjected to the picture taking. She probably knew that 17 years later these pictures would surface on the internet.. smart girl.


  1. Oh, I love this. I don't think any photos exist of my former slumber parties, but my daughters were all having slumber parties in the 90s! I love the thick red hair.