Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Take me Back Tuesday: Going Boating

Yesterday, I had the extreme pleasure to spend all day at the prettiest lake I've ever seen, Elkhart Lake.  The water was so clear you could see every detail of the sandy bottom.  As the water grew deeper the color became an intense shade of blue-green, something out of blue lagoon!  Most of the time there I was on an innertube pulled behind my uncles ski boat, it was a good day.

Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

Being on a boat in the lake totally brought me back to my childhood.  My dad and step-mom, Pam, had a boat and when my brother and I were with them every other weekend, we would always take a camper, a tent, and the boat out and spend the weekend at the lake.

I have many memories from those days.  Tent-sleeping in lightening storms,  riding my bike so fast down a hill and wiping out,  having an accident in my swimsuit because I hated using the nasty lake bathrooms, frying up freshly caught fish with lots of salt, pepper, and lemon  in a cast iron skillet on a campfire.  

For some reason one of the things that stands out most to me from the boating days is eating raisins and the ball shape cheese puffs.  My step mom would always bring those as snacks and I remember sitting on the floor of the boat munching away on those cheese puffs.  Next time I get the chance to go boating, I am totally picking up a canister of cheese puffs!

The exact boat snack from back in the day


  1. That looks like a beautiful lake! We used to go houseboating on Tablerock Lake when I was little, and it was so fun! I have so many great memories from that!

  2. What a gorgeous color the lake is!