Sunday, July 1, 2012

I'm Weird

I'm weird, or maybe I should say unique... for sure I am quirky.  Here is a short list of  7 (rhymes with Devyn)  reasons why:

1.  I have this habit to talk in and out of funny voices.  I usually do this when I'm nervous or insecure. Sometimes, I do it just because it's funny and I'm in a funny mood.  I also like to read books aloud and give every character their own voice... think about me reading "50 shades of Grey" using my voices.

2. I am overly sensitive to other peoples energy.  I can feel energy in a room like its my 6th sense.  I absorb it like a sponge.  Sometimes its a good thing, I can usually tell how genuine someone is just by standing near them long enough, my first impressions are usually spot on.  Most of the time its a bad thing.  I can't take too much negative, tense, intense, or just high energy in a room.  I can actually feel it as heavy on my chest. I have had anxiety attacks because of my energy sensitivity.  My body starts shaking, my heart races and I burst into tears for no reason at all.. super embarrassing.  Usually,  I can "escape" a high energy situation before that happens... but when I can't ohhh man, it sucks.

3. I have to know details.. details of details. If I dont it freaks me out.  Especially when it comes to my schedule.

4. I often look at what a random person is wearing  and wonder what their shopping experience was when they bought that particular outfit.

5. I think I might be psychic.  Seriously, I have these moments when I'm daydreaming and it will be like I'm thinking of a memory, only it hasn't happened yet and then eventually it does happen.  This happens alot when I meet people that will become an important relationship in my life.  I knew that my husband was going to be my boyfriend when I first saw his picture in a yearbook, months before I every met him in person. 

6.  I like to put on bright lipstick and lip-sync while watching myself in the mirror.

7. I am alot smarter than people think.  I made extremely good grades all through school without trying very hard.. I know I come across as an air head blond, but I was actually in the gifted program in school

What are some of the things that make you weird, unique, or quirky?  I'd love to know!


  1. Hey, Devyn, I'm wondering if the blogger meet-up was high-energy for you. I know I felt really nervous about it before I went...and all my fears were really misplaced.

    Quirks about me? I like to clean my ears...several times a day!

    1. I was nervous going because I only knew one person, but I found the energy to be warm, friendly and positive... when I mean high energy I guess i mean the kind that is like "Tigger" from Winnie the Pooh kind of energy.. that, "let's go, lets'go, now, now, now" stuff! I love a good fun party. :)