Saturday, July 14, 2012

5 things that made this week Fabulous

1.  Tuesday's girl's night out to see Magic Mike and to eat good Mexican food and drink Sangria and Margaritas.  The movie was a bit of a disappointment, like my friend Jennifer said, "I was expecting more Full Monty and it was really more Boogie Nights"  They tried to make the movie have a dark dramatic side that I wasn't really interested in.  However, we still had a blast

2.  I am kinda-sorta employed now!   I get to be a  super-part-time shop girl at the cutest boutique in Kansas City, Retro Vixen!!!  I am pretty stoked about this... I haven't worked--worked since 2003, when my daughter was born, so getting out, dressing cute, and being around other grown ups (and tons of pretty dresses) AND getting paid for it.. amazing.

3.  I got my copy of The Cat's Meow,  the magazine that published  a Vixen Pin-Up Photography portrait of me.

4.  Last Sunday's Sunday-Funday post has gone baby-viral.. insane to me! At last glance it has had 9,771 views in a little over 6 days.  I can usually rely on 55 of you fabulous readers to read my posts.. some good ones top out around 190.. so this 9,771 view-post is way out of the norm for me.  I really don't even understand how that happens!

5. Friday's Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-Fi-la!  One thing about me is, I take theme dressing very seriously, another thing is I love free stuff... this combines both loves.   Dress in cow-garb get free food!  The kiddos and I have been participating in cow day since 2009, we always have a blast. It has become one of our favorite days of summer.  This year we recruited some more cows to our herd and brought some of our best friends along.

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