Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: Signature Style

So this week I was  lucky enough to have my super good friend, Mr. Joey Figueiredo , take my pictures for this post.  He is not only a super talented hair stylist and makeup artist, but also happens to be a fabulous photographer as well. Go ahead and check out Daicy//Figueiredo Photography.

These images are pretty fantastic, and they are completely untouched and taken randomly for fun.  We took these after our first video shoot for Joey's new Youtube show, "Signature Style."  You can see it for yourself by clicking right HERE.  The handsome guy getting his hair cut, happens to be my hubby, and you might just recognize the quirky retro-styled bartender.

Oh, and that fancy salon in the background is Roca Salon and Spa located on 39th Street in Kansas City, Missouri. If you live in the area, you should probably treat yourself to some fancy pampering!

This outfit is another thrifty wonder.  I love this dress, it is my opinion that every lady should have a shirt style dress in her closet.  They are so versitale, modest but at the same time sexy and can be worn all seasons; throw on a cardi and tights in cool weather, or wear with open toed sling backs in the warm months.  I found the dress at my usual spot, Savers.  I had to remove some huge 80s style shoulder pads to make it work, but other than that it was in pristine condition.  I threw on some black sling backs and a big cherry print bow from my MavynMade collection, and I was ready to do some Signature Style drink tending.

Budget Break Down:
Dress:  $8.00 thrifted
Shoes:  $15.99 from Burlington Coat Factory
Bow:   $7.00  you can purchase one exactly like it HERE.

That's a whole outfit for only $31.99 folks, not too shabby.  My mantra is "You don't have to have tons of cash to have tons of class!"


  1. As the song of Housewife Luanne "Money dont buy you class!"

  2. You look very pretty! And I love the bow.

  3. I found you! It was so good to meet on Thursday evening...and you've got me all excited about pin-up photography!

    1. Yay! Vixen Pin up is amazing, you will have the best time