Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday "Oh Donna Dress"

Have you ever been to Donna's Dress Shop? If not, and you live in or around Kansas City, MO,  you need to get yourself over there ASAP.  It's the cutest little store around. Donna's sells high quality vintage garb as well as new vintage-inspired clothing from indy designers.  The store is decorated so lovely, its a joy just being inside of it;  the staff is beyond friendly and always willing to help and listen.  It's kind of like the "Cheer's Bar" of stores,  "Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you came.."

Anyway, I got this little red and white number from Donna's Dress Shop. Its a vintage piece.  I forgot the details of  what era it came from--another cool thing about Donna's is that her vintage items mostly come with a tag that shares the story of  the item's  previous owner and decade it came from.

I paired the shirt dress with a white belt with a bow shaped buckle, a gold necklace with a bow shaped pendant. I wore white mid-heel sandals and carried a a small navy purse.  It was super windy that day, but the dress was long enough that I didn't have to worry about having a "Marilyn moment," where my skirt flies up all over.

Here's what I spent:

Dress from Donna's Dress Shop:  $38
Necklace  Thrifted $4.99
Belt    Thrifted $1
Shoes  JC Penny $18
Purse  via Garage Sale $1

Grand Total:  $62.99  not too shabby!

Donna's Dress Shop is located at 1410 W 39th Street, Kansas City, MO

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