Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Funday

I didn't come up with a quirky "mavynism" to illustrate for Sunday Funday this week. So, for something different I will just poke a little fun at myself.

With it being Summer vacation from school for the kids, my house is in a constant state of destruction.  I am a housewife, I should be good at house cleaning.. but I am not.  I am a creative, free spirit kind of gal... I am completely disorganized in my living and my thinking, although I try really hard.  My husband, Geoff,  is the opposite, he is a total neat freak and he gets kind of antsy when the house is disheveled.    I wanted him to have the happiest of Father's Days so I had to get the house clean .

Saturday, I spent the day cleaning house, while Geoff took the kiddos to the pool..  to make it more fun for my eccentric self I dressed the part of a proper house wife--- boat neck tank, head scarf, pedal pushers, red lipstick.  I put on some sweet tunes from spotify (the soundtrack to Dirty Dancing) and sang and danced my way around the house.. cleaning as I go.

I have a flare for the dramatic, what can I say... but the house is clean and I didn't hate doing it!

PS.  Can we talk about how cute my little doggy, Leo (named after the Leo Diamond) is, check him out chillin on the right-hand-side of the picture!

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