Saturday, June 23, 2012

5 Things that Made this Week Fabulous

1. "Housewife Day" at the pool with my boy, Joey.  We have so much fun together, especially when drinking wine  mixed with champagne and peach shnappes out of a fourty ounce quick trip cup.  The sun, and the wine, and my forgetting to drink water made me sleep VERY well that evening... like passed out well. 

Housewife Day!

2. Will went to Vacation Bible School with friends this week and Shaylee had summer school , so I had three lovely hours to myself every morning this week. Will says he learned alot at VBS, and that he is an "expert on Jesus" now.  So funny.

This is what a Jesus expert looks like folks.

3.  I won a $50.00 gift card to Retro Vixen, one of the BEST and CUTEST boutiques in Kansas City, from a give-away on the fabulous Katty Delux's blog, Chronicles of a Sweet Tooth. Woot Woot!  Now I have the daunting task of  deciding what to buy... do I want a Lux DeVille bag, or maybe some PinUp Couture shoes, or a dress?? check it out!

4. Shaylee is having so much fun at Summer School. She is taking fun classes, like art, cooking, computers and acting.  This week, she brought me home her super cool art creation, a porcelin ice cream sundae. I love it!
My little artist, Shaylee.

5. Lastly, I got to do my first photographer-requested pin-up photoshoot.  I didn't have to pay for this one!!  What an amazing photoshoot with Booker T Brown Photography!  We shot with some vintage 1940s airplanes and gorgeous old cars. I can't wait to see how they turned out!

one of the beautiful planes from the photo shoot.

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