Friday, June 8, 2012

5 Things that Made this Week Fabulous!

1. A surprise kid-free day thanks to a duel play date, meant the hubby and I got to have an impromptu date-day!  We dined on shark tacos and guacamole. We went to the movies (which we never get to do,) and finished our day with some frozen custard.

2. Geoff got 4 free Royal's tickets from work. The seats were amazing, only 8 rows back from first base.  Will caught a flying hot dog, and the Royals actually won! It was a great day.

3. A successful trip to Savers with my super good friend, Jennifer-- we both came back victorious, I found an gorgeous vintage dress for $8 and some adorable little vintage birdies for $0.49 each (I am naming them Chester, Squirt, and Peabody); she found a fab framed art print for only $4.

4. The pictures from the photo shoot by Paper Moon Photography that I did for my mother's day   magically appeared.  The SD card the pictures were saved on got lost in the shuffle while traveling.  The memory card was searched for high and low, and was presumably gone. My money was refunded and the search was given up.... then bam-- out of the blue they are found, and I love them!

5. I got this email from Cupcake Quarterly Magazine:
Hi Devyn!
Even though you did not win our cover girl contest, we’d still love to publish your photo in our magazine!  We love your style and your story – you are a perfect cupcake! <3
Did you ever get your Paper Moon photos back?  We’d love to take a look at those or any other unpublished photos you have!
Cupcake Quarterly Magazine

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