Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday "40's fair dress"

I found this vintage 40's dress at one of my favorite stores, Boomerang in Kansas City, MO.  The store carries a HUGE selection of vintage clothes from almost every era, plus super fun costumes and quirky accessories. I could spend HOURS at that place and never get bored.. its soo much fun.

 This dress is older than my mother by about 20-ish years, about the same age as my grand-mother.  I wonder who originally owned it and where she wore it.  I think it might have been the perfect dress to take a  ride on the ferris wheel at the county fair with her sweetie. Or maybe she wore it when she'd take her victory garden harvest to market for trading.   I'm in love with its past life!   Today I wore it on a morning coffee date with my sweetie, to lunch with friends, and shoe shopping with one of my best gal-pals.

I love this dress. Any thing with ric-rac makes me swoon, plus it fits my curves perfectly which is a rare find in vintage clothing. The fabric is a super light weight sear- sucker and has tiny floral stripes of blue-green, it might have been royal blue 65-70 years ago when the dress was made. It has a very patriotic feel to it with its fun accents of red and white ric-rac.

I wore my very own Mavyn-made hair bow that was made from vintage fabric I found at an old drag-queen's yard-sell. That's a fun story for a different blog entry.

I wore some flat-jellies and a big vintage-style bag.  I need to find a better pair of shoes to go with the dress, I am currently on the the look out for the perfect pair.  The purse I regret choosing.  The look of it was good, but it was not practical to carry, I felt like i was carrying a big brief case  and it didn't look right as a shoulder bag. Finding a good handbag that I love ( and doesn't cost hundreds) is always a challenge for me.

Here is the budget breakdown
Dress- $34.00 from Boomerang
Hair Bow--  (free for me)  by MavynMade
Purse-- $5.99 Thrifted
Shoes-- $8.00 from The Clothes Mentor

That's a total of  $47.99  Not too Shabby!!

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