Friday, May 18, 2012

5 things that made this week Fabulous

1. Date Night with my hubby and best friend
sorry about the crappy quality cell phone picture.

2. The Cupcake Quarterly Cover girl contest.  I may have come in third place from the facebook votes, but in just a few days I received 480 votes.  I am amazed by all the support and love my friends and their friends poured out in order to get me that far.  The competition was insane.

3.  I made my first REAL MavynMade sale!!  Thank you Ann, for your hair-flower order I hope you enjoy them and that you feel extra pretty when you wear them!

4. Getting my hair hi-lighted and cut by my good friend, Joey, at the super posh Roca Salon..for FREE, oh and getting free shampoo and conditioner (the fancy kind) because I won his raffle!

5.  Banana Oatmeal smoothies... I have been making these every day, so good! 
For the recipe click HERE. By the way,  I didn't use almonds, and it was still goooood.

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