Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's almost May...

... and that means it is almost swimsuit season. I know that most of us ladies dread wearing a getup made of  poly/spandex/lycra  something fierce. Finding a swimsuit that hides the right things, flatters the right the things, keeps the right things in their place and actually looks cute and chic,  can be a daunting task.

Have no fear, I have found the PERFECT swimsuit, that I believe will look good on every "body".  Let me introduce you to my friend Esther Williams.

Ms. Williams was an iconic swimmer, movie star, and pinup in the 1940s and 50s.  She was known for her amazing aquatic dancing, and her hot little bikini bod. 

So, what does this have to do with your bathing suit woes?  There is a line of  vintage style swimsuits named after the lovely lady that will make you feel like a purrdy little pinup the moment you slip one on.  The "Esther Williams Classic Sheath," this suit will be the only suit you will ever want to wear.  It's ultra flattering, modest, and at the same time sexy!  I have two of them and I love them!

Notice how the suit looks good on BOTH models, who have completely different body types! These suits come in sizes 4 through 26, one for everyone!

Here I am in an UNEDITED photo from Vixen Pin Up Photography
 wearing my Esther Williams Classic Sheath

This swimsuit is lined with almost a spanx like material on the inside and the front of the swimsuit has an extra layer of fabric for ruching. I feel completely firm and confident when I am wearing it, the only down side is it can get a little toasty, thats when I take a dip in the pool to cool off.

The sizing runs pretty true on the solid color suits, the printed suits run a little smaller.  My navy suit is an 8, and I also have a red one with white polka dots thats a 10, but it actually fits a bit more snug than the Navy 8.. they have slightly different fabric content so the fit is a little different.

If you would like to get your own suit I recommend going to, they have many different colors and prints to choose from, the lowest price I have found on the web and excellent customer service.  Be aware of their sizing chart, its a little strange according to it I should have ordered a size 14.

If you're a local Kansas City gal and you prefer trying things on Donna's Dress Shop and Retro Vixen have both carried the swimsuits, but the sizes and varieties can be limited and they tend to get snatched up right away. Go ahead and check out the stores though because they are filled with cute one of kind goodies.

Happy Shopping Ladies!

-Devyn Beth

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