Sunday, December 15, 2013

Thankful It's the Weekend

I got a little behind in my blogging, so this post is covering the past two weeks! December is such a whirl wind month, so much going on, so much to prep for, and so little free time.. that I feel like I am behind in many things.. I still haven't finished my Christmas shopping, I haven't addressed any Christmas cards, and I haven't even began wrapping.. and the big holiday is only 10 days a way!  I am a procrastinator for sure!   Regardless of my procrastinating,  December has still been pretty good to me so far!  Here is just a short list of thankful things from the past {two} weeks!

1.  Christmas baking for the kids' school's bake sale

2. The kids getting to see Santa

3. Getting to be Santa's elf

4.  Christmas caroling with a group of wonderful friends creating amazing memories together!

5.  Epic thrift shop find of Teddy Ruxpin to bring to the most fun white elephant gift exchange party ever

6. Field tripping with my  little kindergarten man to Hallmark's world headquarters, and Kaleidoscope (a fun creative hands on craft extravaganza type of place) 

7.  My daughter's Christmas Dance Recital... hip hop drummer boy!!

8. Impromptu pinup photo shoot with an amazing photographer  {Atomic Photography}

9.  Apple Cider Vinegar and Nyquil helping me to get over an illness in 2 days that may have easily put me down for much longer

10. Letters from Santa




  1. OMG Teddy Ruxpin! I loved that guy when I was a kid. Great find! And beautiful pictures, as always.

    I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award over on my blog Hellcat Vintage. Being such a fashionable lady and a mom is most definitely inspiring!

    1. Oh your so sweet! I was so excited about that teddy ruxpin.. it was in such good condition and only $3 it was a big hit at the party!

  2. I can't wait to hear about your gift exchange!!!