Saturday, June 8, 2013

Thankful it's the Weekend

Things that were awesome this week (and I'm thankful)---

1. My kids both started summer school this week.   They go because they want to go, not because they have to, they think of it as day camp!  Shaylee is taking fun classes like cooking, drama, art, and computers.  My son, Will, is learning all about pirates and sea adventures in his pre-school class.  They get socialization, a little education, and they are fed lunch!  They are home by the early afternoon, just in time for the opening time of the pool.  Plus it gives me a few hours to myself each day.

2. Our water heater went out--which is not awesome at all, it was pretty pricey to replace.  I guess I am thankful that we actually had the means on hand to pay for it.  I would have rather have used the money to pay for a weekend get-away or something...but there were many years that there would have been no way for us to come up with the money if something suddenly needed replaced.

3. My husband got rid of his stupid, gigantic, weight system that was taking up way to much space in our basement!!!!

4.  I got to take my beautiful cousin Kelsey, to have photos taken by the amazing ladies at Vixen Pin-up Photography as a gift from my mom and I  for her up-coming wedding.

5.  Today is my daughter's dance recital.  It's always fun to watch her dance on stage... she totally comes "alive" and  is in her element!

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