Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I'm Rootin For You, Valentine! DIY

Today is the Valentine's day party in my daughter's 4th grade class.  She always wants to bring something a little different from the usual boxed valentines you can buy at Wal-Mart, Target, or where-ever.  This year we did this:

We found the basic idea of soda pop  valentines on Pinterest.  Shaylee came up with the greeting, "I'm rootin' for you to have a great Valentine's Day" herself.   She wanted a phrase that didn't sound like she might "like, like a person..."  so wishing her friends to have a great day was a good call!

I just made a little design using clip art  in a Word Document and then printed them out on card stock.  Unfortunately, my printer was out of colored ink, and I didn't have any colored paper on hand... If I were to do these again, the tags would for sure be more colorful.

Then, just cut out the hearts, punch a hole for the ribbon, and tie to the cans... easy peasey and I am sure the kids will love it... the best part the root beer was on sale for $3 a 12 pack, so these valentines only cost a couple dollars more than the little boxed ones.


  1. that's cute :) Root Beer is Ginger Beer isn't it?

  2. Very creative and cool! This is my son's first Valentine's Day in middle school, it's been kind of sad not making a box with him and filling out Valentine cards.