Sunday, November 11, 2012

5 Things that Made This Week Fabulous

1.  We visited the mall for the first time in a looooooooong time, there was a new Legos store and the kids were super excited to check it out.  The best part was the fill-a-bucket wall--a whole wall of different lego pieces you could choose from to fill your own little  bucket (more like a cup)  for $7.99

2. After weeks of searching for the perfect frames, I finally found, ordered, and received a new pair of glasses!
3. The Presidential Election... it is exciting to be able to vote, and watch the results pan out.  From all of the negative, hateful comments I have seen in my Facebook news-feed, I understand that there are some folks out there who are not happy about the outcome.  However, now is the time to stop hatin', be united, and support and respect our president for the leader that he is. Besides, Michelle Obama is probably the fiercest first lady since Jackie Kennedy--surely my Republican friends can agree on that!

4. Shaylee had two little speaking parts, and a little solo singing part in her school's Veteran's day Program.  She is so fun to watch, she is such a little performer!  She always has an expressive face and stands out in the crowd!
5. Saturday, my husband and I attended a wedding of one of his co-workers. The couple was adorable and the venue was beautiful! I always love an occasion to get dressed up, especially when it also includes cupcakes!

What made your week fabulous?

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