Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Take Me Back Tuesday: The Catalog Game

One of my favorite games as a young lass,  was a game I like to call "The Catalog Game."  Every time a new JCPenny or Sears catalog was delivered to my house, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it to play my special game.   I would sit patiently, quietly, and imaginatively going through every single page of the catalog.  On each page I could pick just one thing that in my mind would appear in a poof of magic and be mine forever.  I would raise my pointer finger ever so gently, and carefully touch the picture of that page's picked item.  If I accidentally touched more than one item, then nothing would appear in a magic poof in my imagination... could not be greedy. Sometimes, I would pick things for me, and sometimes I would pick things to give to others.  It's still one of my favorite things to do.  My kids have learned to share my love for the game too!

Little me, around age 3, with my catalog


  1. We played a similar variation of this game in my household growing up--though your version is more generous. I can recall being particularly interested in the men's underwear section...