Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Take Me Back Tuesday, Best Outfit Ever

I found this old picture in my shoe box full of old pictures the other day and it made me smile.

 First, that's me when I was 9 (I think) wearing my FAVORITE outfit.  You gotta hand to me that I had some insanely fresh style going on black bike  shorts with lime green stripes on the side coordinated with a lime green tee with shoulder pads, and black stripes on the sleeves. They looked perfect together and they came from different stores, I was so proud of that pairing, I wore that outfit as often as I could. 

Second, the dog on my lap was "Slick."  He was a good dog, a mutt that my brother got for his birthday from the animal shelter one year.  He was a mix of  dachshund and shi'tzu  (a wiener shit.)  He later became my grandma's dog when we couldn't keep him at our house anymore because he bit a neighbor kid (btw the kid had it coming.)   I remember whenever I walked him, people would always ask "What IS that Thing?" He had been mistaken for a weasel on many occasions.  He was so strange looking, and I have never seen another dog that looks like him.  Oh and in the picture, there is also a little stray kitten that I was petting and Slick was sniffing.

The yellow glider I was sitting on still sits in the same place on my grandparents' patio today.  I love that glider it's so happy and bright and fun to sit on .

Anyway that's my quick little trip down memory lane.  Do you remember your favorite outfit  from way back when?

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