Saturday, August 4, 2012

5 Things That Made this Week Fabulous

This has been one of those weeks, where I really NEED to sit down  and think about the positive things. Summer break is winding down and the kids are getting bored... which means they have been fighting and making messes all week, which means my patience bank account is overdrawn.  Luckily school is coming very soon.  Despite my nerves being completely shot and the end of this week... it was still a fabulous week none the less.

1. My grandpa had a heart-cath on Monday.  It went well, most of his heart has actually improved since the last good look at it, he does have a blockage, but it doesn't require surgery  and the bottom line  is he should be OK.  I love my grandpa a lot, he's pretty much my daddy, since my bio-dad has never been a "daddy" to me, Grandpa has always been there to stand in that role for me.

Grandpa and I on my wedding day (he walked me down the isle)

2.  Also on Monday, Geoff and I took Shay and her BFF, Emily to Schlitterbahn.  We had a great time and we did everything, even the "scary mat slides" that the girls almost chickened out of doing. I talked them into it and they ended up loving it.
The girl's enjoying some "Chocolate Nachos" at the water park

3. Two Words:  Michael Phelps!!!   He's an amazing Olympian, and not too bad to look at either.
Girl, look at that body....

4. I visited my old friend, Marshall's, on Friday. It has been way too long since I've been there, but I am trying to be a good girl and not get any new things for a while.  Marshall's was happy to see me too, because this adorable dress was waiting for me, and it was only $10.

5.  I love having a fun part time job, where I get to talk to fun people, help ladies find pretty dresses, and wear fun outfits myself.   This weekend was a tax-free holiday in Missouri for back to school shopping, in honor of that I wore a school uniform to work!  So fun!

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