Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chickfila and Gay Rhyme... and other random thoughts on the subject

Ugghh,  I am so sick of all of  the Chik-fi-la controversy.  I am caught in the middle because I am an avid gay-supporter, and feel passionate about equal rights,  and for years I have loved my local Chick-fi-la.

These are just some of my thoughts about the whole thing, if you want to read them

1. Exodus is one of  the world's most stupid organizations, the whole premise of  "pray the gay away" is ignorant and wrong, in my opinion.  I think it is a beyond-lame organization to support, but in their ignorant minds they think they are "loving, and helpful."  I disagree that they are loving and helpful, but they are not exactly a gang of  hate-lashing skin heads either.

2.  If the real battle is equal rights for all, whether we like it or not, for all transcends as far to the right as it does to the left.

3.  Many Chick-Fi-La's are privately owned franchises, owned by mom's and pop's in the community that simply pay their corporate dues every month and have no say in how  the big wig's spend their money, should they be punished by lost business? 

4. Has a chick-fi-la restaurant ever denied service, or acted unfairly, hatefully, or unjust to any person based on their sexuality?  The Chickfila I go to certainly has not.

5. I think the spokesman put his foot in his mouth (BIG TIME) when he rebutted the accusations, I think he should have  found a good PR person to help smooth everything over, I think he made a big mistake that exploded way out of proportion.... kinda like the Dixie Chicks with their President Bush comment.

6. I hate that I am in the spot of looking like a super conservative, gay-hating evangelical if I go to Chick-fi-la

7.  If Chick-fi-la  really is a gay-hating company... if every gay person and gay supporting person stops eating there doesn't that mean they won?

8.  The way we lefties are acting about ChickFila is kind of similar to the way the Million Moms were acting about JCPenny.

9.  I hate that certain super conservative facebook friends of mine are now "liking" my pictures from cow appreciation day, thinking it means something political, when all it really means is I like to wear costumes and get free food.

10. I hate that my liberal friends leave comments under the same pictures telling me that I am not a good enough friend of gays and equality, it reminds me of the other end of the spectrum in college telling me I wasn't a good enough Christian.

Does this outfit make me look like a bigot?
Anyway, those are just some of my random thoughts about the whole thing.. I might have stepped on some toes on both sides of the argument.

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