Sunday, July 29, 2012

5 Things That Made This Week Fabulous

1.  I won a $25 gift card to my favorite boutique, Retro Vixen, in a raffle!  I have been winning alot of random things lately, my luck is on an up swing, maybe I should pick up a lotto ticket.

I picked a good apple!

2.  My sewing project, Easy Sew Apron Tutorial, was published on the blog as a DIY project--- earning my my Ruche Guest Blogger badge. I have my eyes set on the Guest Editor badge next, I would love to earn that before 2013, we'll see.

3. School Registration was this week.  I am a PTO board member, and registration is a big recruitment day, its always fun getting to chat with other parents and try to get them excited about helping out with school functions, and I love my fellow PTO moms,  they are some fabulous, fun ladies and I am happy to call them my friends.
PTO Moms!

4. I have a friend named Kori, who is the most amazing cook ever and I got to eat some of her amazing food. Words cannot describe the goodness that is her cooking... but it definitely deserves a spot on this week's list.
I snagged this pic from Kori's facebook page, I didn't take one of the
glorious food I ate, because I was too busy being in yummy heaven.

5.  The most fabulous thing about this week is my baby girl, Shaylee, turned 9.  We had a great day that started with M&M pancakes with candles. Then, we saw Katy Perry's movie Part of Me, then we got chocolate dipped cones from Dairy Queen, then we went to dinner and Buffalo Wild Wings-- she loves chicken wings. Next week, we will continue the birthday festivities and hit up the water park with her BFF.

My beautiful girl

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  1. Hey, congrats on your win and on the Ruche feature, that is awesome!! I'm going to go check it out!