Friday, June 29, 2012

5 Things that Made this week Fabulous

1. Going to a party with a few friends I havn't seen in a long time. We were all close in the high school years, but we hadn't all been in the same room for a decade.  There was a surreal feeling of "nothings changed, but everything has."   I had a FUN time for sure. Thank you for being such a swell host Micah.
Friends since 1997 yo'

2.  Shooting the first webisode of Signature Style with the always fun, always posh, always talented, Mr. Joey Figueiredo. What a fun time! Bonus.. my husband got a free make-over and now he is extra handsome, Don Draper handsome, only better because he's not a cheating jerk!  Another bonus, at last ckeck the video has had 735 views in just three days.  Maybe Ellen will watch it and have us on her show sometime.  You can follow this link and watch it yourself:  feel free to share it and help propel Joey and I to full weblebrity status.

3.  This was the last week of summer school for Shaylee. One of the four fun classes she took was called "Broadway Lights" where she worked on singing, dancing, and acting.. watch out triple threat alert!  This week the class got to perfom their show, "Lights, Camera, Action!"  Shaylee was no less than fabulous.
My baby is gonna be a star!

4. Thanks to my healthy-knowledge-filled friends, Sandra and Suzanne, I discovered the healing power of  apple cider vinegar. Monday I had lost my voice and felt all kinds of sick.  A little apple cider vinegar in a mug of herbal tea with honey and I was all better before I knew it, without the weird jittery feeling I get when I take cold medicine.

5. I was lucky enough to attend a fantastic event with  the group BlogKC, that I am newly member to. Sak's 5th Avenue Off 5th store at the Legends invited us to an exclusive in-store shopping event.  We were each given a $25 gift card to shop with. They had a DJ that played some sweet Michael Jackson and other makes-me-wanna-dance tunes,  there were fancy yummy things to eat and SANGRIA.. you know I love me some Sangria.. and being practically paid to shop is probably the best thing EVER.  I had a wonderful time getting to know other local blogging ladies, and building new friendships. Oh yeah, and I got a Marc Jacobs dress for only $20 out of  pocket. Can I get a WOOT WOOT!!?

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