Friday, May 25, 2012

5 Things that Made this week Fabulous

1.  My daughter, Shaylee, is a little genius and got straight A's on her report card! Also she had her pre-dance-recital  dress rehearsal and she looked adorable in her costume!

2.  Last day of School and 7-11 "Slurp Free Day" happened to fall on the same date, so we celebrated the end of another school year with free Slurpees.

3.  I am making progress with doing my hair in the victory roll style that I love so much.  Still not quite there, but none the less I pulled off my personal most successful self-rolls yet.

4. My husband, Geoff, got an early Father's day gift and got to go see his favorite basketball team, Los Angeles Lakers, play in a play off game in Oklahoma City with his good friend, Brad..  The Lakers lost and OKC got a little cray cray( ghetto crazy-- people got shot,) but he had a wonderful time and neither he or Brad got hurt! Although, he did take off his Lakers jersey to prevent getting jumped.

5. Getting a Pedicure with two of my favorite ladies!  A pedicure on its own is always a good time, but when you get to share the experience with your besties is all the more fabulous!

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